Monday, August 25, 2008

Secret Vette Girl

One of my friends has done the classic mid-life crisis guy thing - bought a Corvette to drive just for fun. Just three problems. It's 10 years too early, she's not a guy and she's got a retirement fund to fill. But I get it. Sort of.

I'm not a car gal. I never noticed what a guy was driving back in my dating days. In fact, I was kind of leery of guys with really nice cars. I thought maybe they were trying to distract attention away from some sort of personal defect or they were spoiled rotten. Both are bad. I do remember when Roy - (my friend to this day, despite his defects) - pulled up to our high school in a DeLorean. I thought it was a little cool - the doors, anyway. But I would never have admitted it.

But I digress. Ever since high school, "Secret Vette Girl" has LOVED driving. So for her, this makes sense. I know she is a little concerned about her investment. My friend has never been very good at denying herself a want and sometimes this hasn't worked out well. However, this time I will steal a line from Oscar Wilde....

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

I don't think he was just referring to money. I think he also meant emotions, spirit and passion. We should consider living outside the preconceived notions of how we are "supposed to live." I hope she'll look at this expenditure as symbolic of a bigger investment in herself. Give more than you think you have - to yourself. It will always pay off. Live large, lady - but do it in every way. Pedal to the metal.


Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Secret Vette Girl here!

The best part of this is that it's an investment in MYSELF. Haven't been doing enough of that lately - at least emotionally.

I truly didn't realize how committed I am to the hobby and everything that comes along with it. But that hit me loud and clear this weekend. was the right place, the right time and absolutely the right Vette.

I realize some of my friends think I'm nuts...but while they're complaining about everything that's "wrong" in their lives, I'll be taking a nice long drive breathing in the fresh air and enjoying my life and everything I have to offer...

One of my cousins thinks it looks like the car from Night Rider and I bought it because I have a secret crush on David Hasselhoff. Now my real secret is out - I'm the head of his fan club! NOT!!!

And my cousin Lisa so aptly put it, "Hey! That's a total Dude magnet!" Well see... :-)


Roy said...

WOW...this is the friend in the Delorian. I never thought I had any defects. I find that statement very troubling. I think Susan is disappointed she couldn't get into the "Perfect" club! HaHa....

I still love you!!! :)

susan matthews said...

Don't fret. Your only defect was that you were out to conquer the female race. And I would never be in a club unless I founded it and was president! Perfection is such a snooze.

Love you, too.