Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High Thread Count Sh#t

It took four years, but it was inevitable. I said shit instead of sheet tonight on QVC. Wouldn't you like a silky soft shit?

It really wasn't a Freudian slip. It was a very nice sheet set. Say "sheet set" four times fast. Not so easy is it?

It's a tough job folks. It's not all yummy cookies in the green room and hanging out with Joan Rivers. I have challenges.

On the upside, maybe I'll end up on You Tube or Talk Soup. Well, I've got to go get the marbles out of my mouth. I'm back on at 5 a.m.

1 comment:

Active Integrated Marketing said...

Hey - after all the fun we had on Saturday night, I no longer believe you. You have one of the funnist jobs on the planet. (minus getting up at 3:00 a.m. part)

PS - thanks for making my national TV debut possible...I'm sure it will be the last time I am on TV in front of that many people. :-)