Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tavern By the Way Side

Tavern on the Green is celebrating its last New Year's Eve as the magical must-see restaurant in Central Park. Sure some dubbed it a tourist trap with over-the-top decor. To me, it was a wonderland - inside and out. Glitz and glam that everyday folks could partake in. Massive chandeliers dripping in crystal, lighted animal topiaries and fascinating folks drew me back over and over. I could never decide which was the best time - Christmas with its stunning displays or summer on the private garden patio. While the food never seemed to please the critics, I always enjoyed my meals - especially the risotto.

I'll always remember when husband and I had the opportunity to dine between Regis Philbin, his wife Joy and producer Gelman at one table and Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman and entourage at another. We also meet Hollywood producer and writer Eunetta Boone there that night. During dinner on the patio her adult niece proclaimed, "that bug's butt just lit up!" She had never seen a lightening bug before. It's not pretty when I snarf risotto.

First, The Plaza closed and now Tavern on the Green... Sometimes, I wish it wasn't out with old and in with the new.

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Active Integrated Marketing said...

If the rumor I heard in NOLA is true - that the Brennan family is going to take over the space - it'll be back all new and better than ever.