Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life Diving

People say I’m brave because I try new things. That’s not really the case. There is a huge difference between bravery and impulsiveness. I usually lean toward the latter. My modus operandi is to jump off the cliff and look for the parachute later. I trust my gut to have picked the right cliff. I don’t always take time to fully consider the possible consequences and my ignorance propels me forward. It's an exhilarating free fall and I always seem to land on my feet. I’m not brave - just lucky.

I tried improv for the first time a couple years ago in front of New York casting agents. Somehow, worry worked a way into my head. I knew full well I could make a complete fool of myself and was terrified I would freeze. But I did it. That was brave. It was a much more satisfying feeling because I had to stand up to a fear. That left me with a sense of pride. I’ll cherish those agents’ reactions more than a hundred lucky outcomes.

Being impulsive is a personality trait, being brave is a choice.

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DancerManiac said...

I am the exact same way! I hardly ever have a backup plan and I go through life going off of what I feel and worrying about why later. It's much more fun and interesting that way :)