Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Powell's Endorsement

I’m thrilled Colin Powell articulated so specifically what I think about the upcoming election and candidates. I’ve been arguing the same points, but felt as if I was missing something. I sometimes feel like I’m at the kids’ table when it comes to politics. Not so surprising given my family (Uncle Chris is host of MSNBC's Hardball and Uncle Jim is our county commish). The only thing I was missing was confidence in my beliefs.

I’m not a political junkie like my best friend. She’s a die-hard Democrat addicted to MSNBC. She’ll tell you what she thinks loud and clear. Our differences go back to college. While she was reading the latest edition of Mother Jones, I was rallying with the young Republicans at Temple University. There were about five of us. It was a liberal school to say the least. I ran for student council on a ticket that included an African American male and a homosexual white male. You’d think we would have had it wrapped up on diversity alone – a regular rainbow coalition. We lost because we were young Republicans. Even the Democratic white supremacist students got more votes. So, even when it was super unpopular, I was a proud Republican.

But this administration’s execution of the Republican ideology has fallen woefully short and has been reshaped into something unrecognizable. McCain is guilty by more than just association. So, I’ll be a Republican voting for a Democrat.

God, I miss Ronald Reagan.

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Active Integrated Marketing said...

All hell is freezing over.

Hey Barack, my best friend, a life long republican is voting for YOU! Please don't mess this up - she and I have already spent more than half our lives together and we finally agree on politics - I don't want to spend the second half hearing I was wrong on this one. We have a lot of confidence in you...and she's got two kids that I want to see have a great future...and it could all be resting in your hands.

Seriously, all hell is freezing over. Yesterday one of my other friends, another life long republican, also told me that he's voting for Barack because of the points Powell made. I almost fell off my chair (last week he was actually considering not voting all together). AND Michael Smirconish came out in favor of Barack as well. I hope this is a reflection on Barack and not just an anti-reflection on Bush and McCain. This election is SO much bigger than that.

Powell gave the most eloquent, impassioned and logical explanation about why Obama is the best person to run our country moving forward that I've heard from anyone. I want to walk around with a copy of the speech and hand it out to people who are still undecided.

Regardless of your political leanings - VOTE. This is the biggest, most important election of our lifetime. You have two weeks to get familiar with the candidates and the issues. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.

Well Susan, at least we won't be arguing over this issue for a while :-)