Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tick Tock

Angela’s 40th birthday bash was this past weekend. What a blast and what a reminder of how fast time passes. We’ve been best friends since 6th grade and graduated from the same high school and college. Those years seemed to last forever. But somehow the 20s flew by and our 30s were a wink. Needless to say, neither of us wants to waste a second of our 40s - although I’ve got a few more months. I will keep rubbing that in. When she turned 16 and was able to drive first, I sure as heck heard it!

We spent the afternoon “getting ready” together just like we did before school dances and, in later years, nightclubs. But instead of being filled with self-doubt about how we looked or worrying about the guy du jour, we were in the moment. We enjoyed the insanely expensive magnum of Champagne, gourmet cheese and relished how far she’s come and the exciting places she is headed. If that’s being 40 – bring it on.

Ironically, I just came across a list I made during my mid-20s titled “50 Things to Do Before I Die.” It was surprising to see my goals are pretty much the same today and thrilling that I could check off a few.

- write for a major magazine and major newspaper
- stay at the Plaza in a room overlooking Central Park
- learn Yoga
- organize a charitable event
- take painting lesson

There were quite a few items I’m currently pursuing.

- write for TV
- go back to Jackson Hole (I’m dog sledding there in April)
- write and publish a book

And, more to accomplish…

- castle tour of Europe
- write a screenplay
- learn meditation
- own exotic animals

I have more to do than I’ve done. But now I can enjoy them with my husband and children. The pressure is on. But it’s a grateful, anticipation filled pressure.

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